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PRESS RELEASE: Making Sydney the most pet-friendly city in the world


Dogs can’t vote, but pet-loving humans can in Council Elections across NSW on December 4, 2021.

If she is elected Lord Mayor of Sydney, Independent candidate Yvonne Weldon says she would make Sydney the most pet friendly city in the world.

“Pets are a lot of fun to have in your life and reduce stress. They give unconditional love, provide companionship, help people manage loneliness and are important to the mental health of many people” Yvonne says.

In cities like Seattle, judged one of the most dog friendly cities in the USA, dogs outnumber children.

In the City of Sydney many households include at least one pet.

In Paris and Amsterdam dogs are welcomed as warmly as humans in shops and restaurants.

In New York, dogs sit, and some also dine, at many restaurants’ outdoor areas.

In Melbourne, Southbank restaurants and Chapel Street shops welcome dogs.

Dogs ride on public transport in Melbourne, Seattle, Geneva, Paris, and Rome. Dogs ride Lake Geneva's public ferries

“There is no reason these happy options for dogs and their families can’t happen in the City of Sydney”, according to Yvonne Weldon. If Yvonne is elected Lord Mayor of Sydney she will:

1. Ask for a complete review of on-leash and timed off-leash areas in parks and recreational areas in the City of Sydney with a view to increasing access for dogs.

2. Pets will be as welcome as their owners in all Council controlled or owned buildings and in the City of Sydney workplace.

3. Encourage hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops in the City of Sydney to make pets welcome with their owners. Where required, she will amend Council regulations to allow this to happen. The Langham Hotel in Kent Street has been welcoming dogs to stay at the hotel for years.

4. Make strong representations to relevant transport organisations and State government authorities for pets to be permitted to travel in Taxis and Ubers and accompany their owners on public transport and domestic airlines.

5. Encourage responsible pet ownership via the Council website and information services. Regular community forums about pet health and safety and responsible pet ownership will be hosted by Council.

6. Address the very sad issue of owners no longer being able to care for their much loved pets by Council hosting “Pet Rehoming Days” to be held in Council controlled parks. This initiative has been a success in Tel Aviv where dogs are also commonplace in the office.

7. Review city, park and green space planning to ensure pet needs are included. Council will make sure there are sufficient and fully stocked dog waste dispensers in parks and the streets of Sydney.

8. Meet with heads of entertainment, sporting and cultural venues to explore possible pet access to these facilities.

Yvonne Weldon says “Sydney will be a more attractive city for pet lovers to visit and live in as a result of these important pet friendly initiatives. Sydney businesses will get a big boost in business by being pet friendly.”

Yvonne is delighted The Langham, Sydney, the only pet-friendly accommodation amongst Sydney's luxury hotels supports her policy.

“Australia has one of the highest ownership of pets in the world and here at The Langham, Sydney, we’re proud to support all guests with pets to experience and indulge in a beautiful staycation. Since Covid began in Australia, charities alone have seen a 45% increase in the adoptions of dogs and 20% increase in cat adoptions, plus the straight out purchases of new puppies that people have made. Now that the luxury retail market is coming back and guests are booking their weekend away, it’s only natural that they want to bring the whole family and that includes their beloved pet, which we encourage,” says Shane Jolly, General Manager.

About Yvonne Weldon

Yvonne Weldon is running as the first-ever Aboriginal Australian candidate for Lord Mayor of Sydney on December 4, 2021.

Yvonne has over 20 years’ experience working in key government and Aboriginal organisations. She is the Deputy Chair of the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council and the NSW Australia Day Council, and a Board member of Domestic Violence NSW and Redfern Jarjum College.

Yvonne follows proudly in the footsteps of her Great Aunt, ‘Mum Shirl’, and Uncle Paul Coe, who were respected community leaders in the fight for Aboriginal rights and a more just and united city of Sydney.

About Jo Cooper

Jo Cooper won a landmark court case that set a precedent for pet-loving apartment owners across NSW. The soul singer was successful in arguing to the Supreme Court of Appeal that strata buildings across NSW could not ban apartment owners from keeping pets. Sadly Angus, the miniature schnauzer, who was at the centre of the toxic fight in the prestigious, Sydney apartment complex, Horizon, has since died. But Jo remains committed to preserving the rights of pet-loving apartment owners.

About The Langham, Sydney

The Langham, Sydney is the only pet-friendly accommodation amongst Sydney's luxury hotels, offering pets the same renowned 5-star service, as they offer their human guests.

Authorised by Yvonne Weldon. 18 George Street, Redfern, NSW 2016

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