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No new plane trees

Join Councillor Yvonne Weldon's call for no new plane trees in the City of Sydney.

London plane trees, an introduced species, are the second most prevalent tree across the City of Sydney. The Lord Mayor thinks they are "fantastic" but, as we all know, plane trees are particularly problematic for those prone to allergies and irritants.

In springtime, plane trees produce an abundance of allergenic pollens. During this period they also shed small fibres which are known for making people cough and irritating the skin.

When we consulted with the local community, this was (by far) the number one issue raised!

It’s fantastic to see the progress we are making towards achieving out greening targets but we need to consider health impacts and we need to prioritise the planting of native species.

The City of Sydney is currently calling for feedback on it’s Urban Forest Strategy and Street Tree Master Plan. I’m calling on my fellow councillors to respond to community concern and unequivocally rule out planting new plane trees!

I'm also calling for a program to minimise the impact of existing trees on air quality, trialling treatments that have been successful overseas in reducing the production of seed capsules.

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