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Sydney Sent Back into Lockdown 

The next couple of weeks are going to be tough.

All of Greater Sydney, including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Wollongong are now in a full lockdown in a bid to stamp out the state's escalating coronavirus outbreak.

Unless shopping for essentials, receiving medical care, exercising or conducting essential work or education, you must stay at home.

We know the pandemic has caused people to become increasingly anxious and depressed and now, more than ever, we need to ensure we look after ourselves and those around us.

Local businesses will be hard hit again. They need our support. A number of restaurants and cafes will still be providing delivery and take-away options. I urge you to continue your patronage over the coming weeks.

We can get through this.


We had already suspended our door knocking and meet-the-candidate events planned for the next few days, and, where possible, are moving some of our events online. 

The Veronicas

Attending The Veronicas concert last Friday was definitely one of the highlights of my week. It was Jess and Lisa's first national tour in six years and the girls didn't disappoint. More shows are scheduled and I'd encourage you to buy tickets -- that's if they're any left! 


69 Days To Go!

We have been out again, leafletting and meeting locals at the Carriageworks Farmers Market and residents in Paddington. 

Meeting locals at the CarriageWorks market

We've suspended in person door knocking until after lockdown is over.

If you'd like to join us next time, please sign up.    

Unlike the major parties, we can't win without your help.

This campaign is only possible because of people like you.

Our volunteers help us with door-knocking, street stalls, events, social media outreach and making phone calls. 

Every door knocked helps us grow our movement, turn Yvonne supporters out to vote and win this election.

We'd love you to join us.

Do You Own or Run a Business in the City of Sydney?

Even if you don't live in Sydney, you might be eligible to enrol and vote as a non-resident property occupier in the City of Sydney elections this year if you:

  1. Pay more than $75 per week for the space you use for business and have been using it for 3 months or longer.
  2. Work from a space in the City of Sydney.

If this sounds like you, TODAY is your last chance to register.

The City of Sydney requires applications to be received BEFORE 28 June 2021.

You can register here

Home To Bilo

The Tamil asylum seeker family from Biloela that has been on Christmas Island for two years has now reunited in Perth, where they will live in the community while the youngest daughter is being treated in hospital and their legal appeals play out.

This is progress, but it is not a permanent solution. They are still not free to return home to Biloela.

We are better than this.

Please let the government know, and sign the petition.

I joined Mums4Refugees, Dr Kerryn Phelps, Craig Foster, Kristina Keneally, Dr Mehreen Faruqi, and Michael Caton for a vigil to allow the family to return home to Biloela, Queensland.

Remembering Those Passed While Experiencing Homelessness 

On the longest night of the year, also known as the winter solstice, I joined a commemoration for all those who died while experiencing homelessness in the past year.

Sadly, for many people experiencing homelessness, this will be their only commemoration.

As a community, we need to raise the awareness of the need to end street sleeping, as well as the experience of homelessness, especially during the cold winter months, when higher numbers of deaths occur.

Beit Sefer Yalbalinga

Thank you to the Sydney Jewish Museum for inviting me to be a part of “Beit Sefer Yalbalinga” (Hebrew and Wiradjuri for ‘place of learning’)

The connections and collaborations between First Nations and Jewish Australians have focused on ensuring the survival of two ancient cultures, with both peoples having endured persecution and recognising the importance of speaking out against injustice.

We have similarly focused on positives: walking in two worlds; protecting and enriching heritage, traditions and beliefs; and ensuring that younger generations continue to transmit and also benefit from cultural knowledge and values.

"The Future of Sydney" Virtual Think Tank on Cycling

We are holding our first think tank event which will be part of a series covering The Future of Sydney.

Our first online session focuses on cycling infrastructure and safety.

We will have Dr Nicholas Hunter from Bicycle Network and Dr Ben Beck from Monash University presenting some of their recent research and activities on cycling.

The event continues with an open discussion on the following broad questions:

  • What is the current status of cycling infrastructure in Australian capital cities including Sydney?
  • What are the gaps and areas for cycling infrastructure investment?
  • Where do we want to be ideally in the next 5 years?

The event is free, open to public and hosted by Dr Meead Saberi from University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney via Zoom (meeting ID 6884889083).

To join the event, simply click on the following Zoom link:

We hope you can join us.